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Quale Vita Healthcare Consulting Ltd.


Quale Vita Healthcare Consulting Ltd was established in 2003 as an International Consulting firm, by core professionals with extensive business knowledge and expertise in the sensitive and complex industry of Healthcare.

Our experts cover many aspects of today's healthcare industry in both the private and public sector to include hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, clinical laboratories, long term care facilities, retirement communities and physician practices.


Given the multifaceted nature of Healthcare, Quale Vita offers an array of Consultancy Services which can be separated into three main branches:


Health Services

Our healthcare consulting experts will assist you in restructuring existing procedures, developing improved operational systems, recommending information systems strategies and technologies and providing you with the knowledge and tools to ensure your business will meet and surpass the expectations of today's health care industry.

Internationally recognized with hospital management and auditor status, Quale Vita has the know-how to both provide management services as well as implement the operational framework that is required to gain accreditation status.  

Medical Tourism

As medical tourism constitutes an increasing international tendency which impacts and affects the various balances in many fields of public, medical and social life, Quale Vita aims to implement those procedures and techniques needed to make healthcare organizations in Cyprus and abroad, possible medical destinations for health travellers. 

Our experts will assist you in introducing new management methods, formulating unique medical products, training staff and above all utilizing on the companies’ diverse network to enforce a complete marketing strategy to promote healthcare facilities within Cyprus.


Project Consultancy

With the increase in entrepreneurs and investors looking to enter the healthcare industry Quale Vita provides the resources, knowledge and solutions needed to ensure that the project is precise for its location, meets the demand of the market, but above all can evolve to become a profitable business.  

Within this, our experts offer market and financial feasibility studies, product formulation and project management services.